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Classes & Materials
 Ceramic and Pottery ornaments, burners, Crockery
 Suppliers of terracotta and white clay, clay tools, plaster of paris, slip, glazes. banding wheels, bisqueware and so on. Pottery retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.
 Scrapbook & Pewter & Mosaic & Decoupages: All Stock you need at good prices and space to do you craft work.
 Pick and Painting of ceramic items for young and old at your venue or our studio. You choose the ceramic and paint free. Children parties, corporate events. Our mobile unit will bring the fun to you
 Craft Workshops/Demonstrations/Classes Monthly
 Ceramic Inserts for the mosaic and mixed-media market. Available at a store near you. Ask for scraps.
 Various exciting creative painting techniques, mixed mediums, ethnics as well as various craft classes
 Rubber Moulding Supplies
 Jane du Rand's Mosaic studio for commissioned Ceramic Mosaic Artworks and classes from Saturday workshops to full week courses
 Ceramic Painting Classes
 Pottery classes.
 Ceramics and pottery classes
 Kitchen crockery manufacturers

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