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Craft Markets / Outlets
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We receive many requests from crafters looking for new outlets for their hand-crafted products. This section is for you. Here are a few of the options to consider:

Regular Craft Markets

These markets take place on a regular basis (usually once or twice a month or once a week). Crafters are usually allocated a specific spot, and are expected to attend every market. However, many of these markets do allocate a few spots to casual crafters on a rotational basis.
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Special Craft Markets

These are seasonal markets (Christmas, Easter, etc.) or once-off markets arranged for a specific purpose, such as to raise funds for a school or church. Some also form part of a bigger event, for example, a school carnival or a music festival.
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Crafters' Shops

Crafters' shops allow crafters to hire shelf space for their merchandise on a permanent basis. The shop handles the entire selling function and usually takes a percentage of sales as a commission. Also included in this section are gift shops and exporters, who generally have fairly stringent requirements when it comes to the type and quality of products they will accept into their stock. Please read their requirements carefully and apply if you believe you can fulfil them.
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