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The Jane Smith Candle Collection
Western Cape - Kuils River and Cape Town
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Passion like you have never seen or felt before, in the flame of a Jane Smith Collection candle!

I make it my mission to infuse you with passion and an everlasting tranquil atmosphere, through the art of candle-making. Each candle is handmade to your perfection.

Visionary perfection with a smooth glowing finish that is not only charming to the eye but to the touch and atmosphere as well... Find yourself in a world of colours to choose from, starting with soft, natural, pure, innocent baby blues, lemon and pink, to the stronger, earthy colours of black, beige, brown and green.

But that's not all: indulge yourself with the most pleasant fragrance and aroma, stimulating not only to the touch but also to the mind, body and soul. These fragrances and aromas vary from Vanilla, Lavender and Ocean Blue to Strawberry, Lemon Grass, Orange Sweet, Cinnamon and lots more.

I provide an exclusive and unique candle range of different sizes and shapes, from little squares, flames, Christmas trees, and long and short pillars to new and innovative designs. My range also encompasses the African 5, which can be ordered individually or as a set crafted into one candle. These candles are perfectly positioned in stands, which could be placed in a room divider or on a mantelpiece.

My candles are ideal for any kind of function, creating the best ambience for weddings, 21st or 60th birthdays, and also for romantic evenings and events. There are also several types of gift sets to choose from that will suit your needs.

Prices are available on request.

Light the candle that is your Life...

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