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Tato Tots
KwaZulu-Natal - Durban North

Each of our shirts are made by hand by either Jenny or Carron.  We really use potatoes to make each print (sometimes three potatoes for each shirt!), so each shirt will have a slightly different look.  The grain of the potato also adds a charming effect to the paint when applied.  

Our design ideas are inspired by our kids' interests as well as our own.  We try to keep the prints simple and
playful. Our kids seem to love putting them on.  "Mom, look!  Crocodile!"  All the prints are painted on white shirts because we feel this really sets the colourful prints off the best.  They are a cinch to clean, so don't worry.  
We've used multiple bottles of stain remover on our shirts and they maintain their colour and look
nevertheless! There may be a slight “mellowing” of the colours after the first wash (we think this actually looks nice!). We have kids, too, so we wouldn't expect you to keep these off the playground!

We do our prints on draw string bags as well.  And have a range of stencil prints too - a beautiful ballerina bag and t-shirt!!!

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