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Ruva Jewellery Creations
Western Cape - Rondebosch

We make beaded accessories in a range of uniquely designed necklaces, bracelets and handbags. Our pieces range from ethnic designs to the more contemporary and trendy. Our jewellery is made from natural substances including wood, glass, stone, shells as well as various other types of beads sourced from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and other locations around the globe. One of our most popular items is a necklaces is called Malaika "African Angel" which is made from semi-precious stones. It has proven to be a hit amongst many of our customers.

Our factory is based in Zimbabwe and we have been operational since 2005, and in 2007 we broadened our product line to include a range of highly sought-after beaded handbags. Our price list ranges from R10 to R300 per piece depending on the materials used in the design of the item.

Our products are available in a variety of curio and gifts shops across Southern Africa and more recently the United Kingdom. More information is available on request.

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