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Morningstar Sundials
Western Cape - 1 St Joan Road, Timour Hall, Western Cape 7800
sundial face

Morningstar Sundials are made by Peter Merrington at Doordrift Studio, his ceramic workshop in the Cape Peninsula. The sundials are functional, calibrated for geographic location. The stock range is calibrated for the greater Cape Town area. The sundials are elegant and ideal permanent features in your garden. They make excellent special and commemorative gifts.

The sundials are mounted on a pedestal and are 0.8 metres in height. Wall-mounted sundials are also available by order.

I add personalised inscriptions, such as mottos, and memorial or commemorative messages.

The sundials are made in red-hued stoneware with slip and underglaze ornamentation and lettering.

I make matching birdbaths. 

The price range for Morningstar sundials is from R900 (stock) to R1500 depending on clients' requirements.

shipment by courier is possible across the SADEC region. 


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