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Lasting Light
Western Cape - Durbanville
Triple wick stone candle
I make scented and unscented candles in a wide range of colours, and I will try my best to incorporate any special requests or design ideas you may have in mind.

I make shell candles, coloured stone candles, and crystal/gemstone candles, all of which give a stunning effect when lit. The crystal candles are especially suited as birthday presents, as you can choose the recipient's birthstone to use in the candle. A word of warning though: these can work out rather expensive, due to the high price of crystals.

The beauty of these embedded candles is that once your candle has burnt down, you are still left with the "shell" of the candle, into which you can place a tea-light candle to continue enjoying the effect.

My candles range from R30 to R250, and burn for a minimum of 45 hours.

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