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Elonwabeni WireArt and Beading
Western Cape - 10-12 Nevada Street, Colorado Park, Mitchell's Plain
The WireArt and Beading Programme is a part of the Elonwabeni Children's Programme. The beading project was started about 1 year ago, in response to the growing unemployment within our community.

The WireArt and Beading Programme offers women an opportunity to generate an income by developing their skills, at both a practical and personal level. With the assistance of an experienced beading artist from Zimbabwe, Everton Chisoko, our women learn the fine art of framing and plastering.

In the spirit of sharing our blessings with each other, the beading project creates artworks for various markets and for the public in general.

Should you be interested in the rest of our fantastic products, please call our Marketing Co-ordinator, Michelle Ruthven. Our women are happy to produce products, customised to your own needs.

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