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Doordrift Studio ceramics
Western Cape - Cape Peninsula
sundial face

Doordrift Studio specialises at present in fine garden ceramics. We are proud of our new line, Morningstar Sundials. These are stoneware or terracotta sundials on pedestals, calibrated to function for specified localities. The stock range is calibrated for greater Cape Town and through to Stellenbosch. They are handsome, 0.8 metres in height, decorated with slip and underglaze colours. We take orders for special requests eg commemorative inscriptions or personalised mottos on the dial plates.

We offer very attractive wall-mounted sundials as well. Please contact us to discuss these. We need to determine the angle of your wall in relation to true north.

South Africa is a century old this year (1910-2010). Our stock range this year commemorates this centenary.

We also make matching birdbaths, and are developing a line of unique 'face pots'. Look out for the first images of these.  



Doordrift Studio

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