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Summer/Winter Bed

It's time to start enjoying the end of winter, so we have decided to have a sale. 10% discount on all products until 31 August.

Take advantage now and give your pets beautiful new beds this Spring.

Give your dogs and cats what they need...warmth and comfort at truly affordable prices..

We make a wide variety of indoor beds for both cats and dogs of all sizes in different styles and colours.

We also produce transport bags and carry bags, harnesses for small dogs, blankets and a Marmoset Igloo Bed.

Our products are all made-to-order. You choose what you want and what colour it should be in and we make it for you.

Below are just a few of the products which we make, email us for our full colour catalogue with prices and measurements for you to have a look at.

For an extra fee we post to anywhere in South Africa

Gingham Carry BagSquare BedRectangle BedSlipper BedIgloo BedTransport Bag

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