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Hydroponic display
I decided almost a year ago to leave my 9-5 job and spend time doing what I enjoy - anything creative.

I make a number of different items, but the main focus is on hydroponic displays. I use the phrase "bugs in a bottle" when I sell at markets - these are obviously more for children and the response has been excellent. I use plastic containers with lids in various sizes which contain plastic or rubber "creatures", from fish to insects to spiders and fairies, as well as very bright coloured sand or stones, water and a live plant. I have figured out which everyday ordinary garden plants can thrive in water, and use these in my containers, NOT water plants!

I also make miniature gardens in ceramic, tin or glass containers; they contain plants growing in river sand that is constantly kept watered. The sand is for display purposes, and the roots are kept in water covering the river sand, which is how they grow. It works - people are fascinated by the fact that water and not soil kept watered or fed is what makes for such healthy-looking plants.

I sell pebble gardens as well, which are made in a similar fashion. Perfect for children to maintain, and families who have confined living space find these perfect for indoor displays.

I also make bird feeders from wood or bamboo. I clean and paint garden pots - the plastic ones we buy plants in - and I make my own "grass heads" from stocking, some grass seeds and various small beads or buttons for facial features. Kept watered, the grass seeds sprout and grow - again, a hit with children, but adults remember them from way back when.

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