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Bottle Craft SA
Western Cape - PO Box 3064, Somerset West, 7129
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Bottle Craft SA is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the "Business-in-a-Box" Bottle Cutting Kit, machinery and accessories.

With one of these nifty bottle cutters you can literally turn any old throw-away glass bottle into a funky, artistic or utility item for the home or office. Surprise your familiy and friends with the most innovative hand-made gifts for birthdays and Christmas and end up saving hundreds of rands that you can later spoil yourself with.

The beauty of this craft is that the start-up costs are as little as R350 for a kit and your raw materials are completely FREE, yes Mahala!!      Ek se vir jou my bru, genuine...njannies, just only R350...dis amazing my china!! An whats more, you are now licenced "to drink" cos you are now drinking for the business!! Yinne mar its darem still lekker to be a crafter in South Africa, dispite all this Zuma-phobia and political poo-poo!!

But that not all...there is more...We also offer Bottle Craft "Basic" courses - showing you how to cut, sand and polish glass ietms PLUS do some designs using Etching Gel, giving you that sand-blasted effect. The Bottle Craft "Advanced" course covers "Metal Relief" work, otherwise known as pewter, which is cleverly applied to enhance your already amazing bottle craft products.

Ek skim my china..this Bottle Craft stuff ROCKS!!! Come on hurry now....we are trying to grow the Bottle Craft Family!!

You better rush my bru cos this offer ends at midnight...every night!@!&^%$

PS: Register on our website, even if you are too doff to NOT buy a kit now. We will keep you up to date of all the lekker stuff and keep hoping and praying that you come to your senses and join us in the Bottle Craft family. Its much more fun that joining the Flintstones!!

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