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About Reborning:

Reborning is a technique that started in America. It is now very popular all over the world and has reached very high standards.
Vinyl or silicone dolls are stripped of factory paint and finishes, existing hair and eyelashes are carefully removed. The original eyes are replaced with top quality ‘real’ acrylic or ‘Masterpiece’ glastic eyes. Then layers of heatset paint are gradually built up to produce perfect skin tones. This process demands a great deal of patience and some take months to complete. Most reborning is now done on 'kits' or 'sculpts' which are made for the sole purpose of reborning. They have no paint to remove and the only real preparation is washing the vinyl. They are also extremely life-like so are perfect for creating life-like baby dolls. The process of reborning has been developed using different techniques, materials, paints, and fillings until a common method has evolved. However, no two artists will reborn the same way which is what makes every doll so unique.
Re-borning is a true artform and requires loads of dedication, love and skill.

About me:

I live in Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa. I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 5. I was first introduced to Re-borning when I stumbled upon a web site advertising Reborn babies. I was fascinated.....
I am also an artist specialising in oil paintings and my love for portraits of children are well known. I started to reborn out of my love for everything arty and have fallen head over heals for what I refer to as an exquisite form of art. With help from some very special friends and Reborning artists I have become hooked on this beautiful form of creative art.

Please visit my website or contact me directly for any available babies.

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