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Chilli keyring

You will need:

  • Two teaspoons of red 8.0 seed beads
  • 11 green 8.0 seed beads
  • One metre of nylon (28mm)
  • 20cm of thin beading wire
  • One keyring hoop

Step 1

Thread one red bead onto the middle of a 1-metre length of nylon. Thread the opposite ends of the nylon back through the bead to secure it in a loop.


Step 2Now, thread 2 beads onto one of the strands of nylon and then thread the other strand through the other side of the row of beads. Thread another row of 2 beads in the same way so that they lie next to the last row.


Step 3

  • Then 2 rows of 3 beads;
  • 2 rows of 4 beads;
  • 2 rows of 5 beads;
  • 20 rows of 6 beads.
  • You will see that the beading forms a tube.
  • Then 2 rows of 4 beads and 2 rows of 2 beads.




Step 4To make the loop, bead 8 rows of 1 green bead each. Fold the green strand over and thread the strands of nylon into the first row of 1 green bead and secure with a tight double knot. Trim off loose bits. Attach your keyring hoop to this loop.



Step 5To make the leaf we will need about 25cm of wire and the green beads. Start by threading 1 bead onto the middle of the length of wire. Then, as before, thread 2 beads onto one strand of wire and thread the other end of the wire through the other side of the beads. Next, thread a row of 3 beads, then 2 beads; another row of 2 beads and then a row of 1 bead. Attach the leaf to your chilli using the loose strands of wire on the leaf. Trim off any extra bits.



Tracy from Kisma Kreative manufactures and sells beading kits with illustrated instructions. Included in each kit are all the beads, nylon/wire, findings and instructions needed for the project. Click here to visit her website.

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