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Creating Spectacular Scrapbooks With Memorabilia

Memorabilia comes in many forms and including it in your scrapbooks is a great way to make memories come to life. People make scrapbooks for many reasons.

Gifts for loved ones, special occasions, children's photos and artwork, and special times in our lives are just a few of the possible themes for a scrapbook. The use of various memorabilia can turn your scrapbook into a personal, spectacular way to remember the events that are important to our lives.

Scrapbooks that center around our children's lives and experiences are among the most popular themes. Memorabilia from the lives of your children can include school photos, mementos from field trips, birthday card invitations, and various artworks they have created through the years.

You might want to include photos and emblems of a favorite sport or team, team rosters from sports in which your child participated, programs from band or choral performances, or items collected during a vacation or trip to summer camp.

Time spent with friends is always a fond memory and a great addition to any scrapbook. Party favors from birthdays, pictures of the family pet, and reminders of a special talent or favorite cartoon character are special memories that your child will cherish.

Another great idea for using memorabilia is to include pictures from office parties, high school graduation announcements, concert and sporting event ticket stubs, and invitations to weddings or special parties.

A simple online search can give you photos and news items from the day a person was born and can make interesting additions to a scrapbook. You could include the prices of various items, news events from that day, and popular movies and songs from the era.

Using various forms of memorabilia can make your scrapbook a spectacular remembrance of a person's life or a wonderful tribute to the events that make our lives unique.

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