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Stress-free Scrapbook Journalling Ideas

Do you find it intimidating when you come to journal your scrapbook pages?

You are not alone! Many scrapbookers find it hard to get started when it comes to adding journalling to their scrapbooking layouts. If you are one of those people who go blank at the thought of having to journal, don�t worry. Here are some stress-free scrapbooking journalling ideas to help you write the right words whatever your page theme.

1. Make a list
This is a fairly simple journalling technique that is suitable for use with any type of page theme, for example:
Doing a friendship page - list how you met, where you met, how long you have known each other, include what you like about your friend and why you are both pals.
Doing a recipe scrapbook page - then make a personal top 10 list of reasons why you like Grandma�s chocolate cake so much.
Doing a baby layout - do a list of baby�s favourite foods, you can even do one for the foods they don�t like!

A variation of this technique is to use bullet points to mark each line on your list, giving you an opportunity to emphasise each item of your journalling:
- Anguilla
- April 2004
- My first trip to the Caribbean
- This is the view from my hotel balcony overlooking the cove � I can�t wait to go swimming, the sea looks so nice!
Make sure you have fun experimenting with all the different kinds of embellishments that you can use as your bullet points!

Another bonus with using the list technique is that you do not need to worry about the structure of your sentences or that your journalling makes sense because the list breaks down

what you want to say into its basic readable form.
2. Write a letter
This is one of those great scrapbook journalling ideas that�s fairly simple to do and it�s also a lovely, personal way to journal your layouts too. All you have to do is pretend you�re writing to a friend telling them what is happening in your photographs, and including the �Dear �� at the beginning of your writing will give your journalling an intimate feel.

Sent any emails lately? Like letters, emails are also a good source of journalling material that you can use for your layouts. If you are unsure of your own journalling then doing it in a letter format could help your writing flow more easily, as you describe the people and the events taking place, letting you tell the story naturally and in your own words.

3. Ask a question
If you are completely stuck and cannot think of anything to write this can be a good quick fix technique to use. Just ask some simple questions like, �What was your favorite part of..?� or �Did anything funny or embarrassing happen?�. This technique can be very effective when used for a special occasion layout, like a bridal shower, where you can ask each of the guests to tell you about their favourite memory of the bride-to-be.

Why not take it a stage further? Give each shower guest some suitable decorative paper and let them write down their own memories rather than journal all of them yourself. For an extra special touch, you could get the guests to bring with them their favourite photo of the bride-to-be. Ask them to journal why they picked that particular picture and then do a separate layout for each individual photo. This is an effective way to make a wonderful and unique scrapbook that is quick, simple and full of memorable pieces of journalling that add a very personal feel to the album.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to begin the journalling process these fun scrapbook journalling ideas will provide you with some basic tips and techniques to help make it easier. So go on, try out the scrapbook journalling ideas above for yourself and add some stress-free journalling to your pages... Once you�ve finished you�ll see that it�s been well worth the effort.

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