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Established in 1988 We are a company that has learnt to change as the times have changed. This means that our clients always have up to date information and service.

Over the years our knowledge and expertise has grown making us leaders in our field. We can deliver in Gauteng and do postal orders through the whole country.

A bit more about us. We manufacture resin and cold cast metal embelishments for scrapbooking and cardmaking.We also have a wide range of soft embelishments and organza ribbons. We stock materials for casting in resin and coldcasting as wel as the fillers and coulering agents for them.

For those who like to play with beads we also have a wide range of beads from plastic to freshwater pearls and accesories to go along with it.

Mouldaking we specialise in silicone rubber and fibreglass. The classes we have are for everyone from beginners to the more advanced and intricate moulds. these moulds can be used for a wide range of aplications eg. soap, candles, figurines and ice sculptures. for those who enjoy baking and always wonder how some of those realy fancy extras are made, well come pop in and see what can be done with silicone moulds. One on one lessons are done on our premisses, but for groups we can do it at your location. 

that in short is us. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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