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C21 Muzikfest
Gauteng - Florida HoŽrskool, Louis Botha Avenue, Florida Park
Crafter Application Dates
5 January 2009
Applicaton Closing Date
Friday, 30 January 2009
14 February 2009 - One day only
Trading Hours
09h00 to 23h00
R 300 for 3x3m - bigger stalls are available - bring own tables, ext cords and tent/gazebo


If u can Dream It, and then C it, you can B It.


My dream is too contribute something positive back to the community and especially too those less fortunate than myself. For the past year, my mom and I have dreamt of a music festival to promote positivity in the youth of today.  We are bombarded with so much negativity and there is so much pressure on you guys .. from your friends to be cool, your teachers  and family to achieve , society to conform to its standards and yourself – just to fit in… so I am here to tell you, just be yourself.. be the best you that you can possibly be  cos God only made one of you …and enjoy the ride ..  You do not need to be the coolest, smartest most radical person ever – just be the best you ever and accept yourself for who you are – after all, if you do not accept yourself, how can you expect others to accept you? Remember you do not need to do drugs to be cool, you usually lose yourself in the process, just be high on life!!


So welcome to my dream – to have the most fun ever on my 21st, create a few legends in the beauty pageant, have a stunning day on all the funfair rides  and craft market and party with  the amazing bands we have lined up for you.     Then, once the day is over, we will balance the books, and the profits from the C21 Muzikfest will be donated to worthy, reputable charities!!   So if you have any charities you want us to help, let us have their details via email please.


Now, get on-line, buy tickets, invite friends-  not only will you have a kick-ass day but you will be helping your community and your school as well ( oh did I forget to mention that there will be a kickback to your school for every ticket bought – always good to keep in favour with the principal…)


                                                Entry Fee           R 80.00  per adult ( High school age and older)

                                                                                R 50.00 per child ( Primary school)

                                                                                Contact:   Jenni  082 822 3361 


Help Our Youth Reach Their Dreams By Empowering Them!! 

If you can Dream it, and see it, you can be it !!!


Come and have fun and help support charity at the same time !!


Party hard with the likes of Kurt Darren,  Snotkop,

Glaskas, Staaldraad, Lance James, Motel Inc

and  Normaal.


Enter our Mr and Miss C21 Muzikfest Pageant and stand to win amazing prizes, including modelling contracts and photographic portfolios.

Open to all ages – from primary school to over 40 year olds.


         Flea market          Food stalls          Jumping castles and inflatable's,

         Creches – supervised and security controlled

         Beer tents         Tea Gardens         Giant Slides         Funfair

         Blow darts   Bikers Toy Run

application 3 x 3 craft storeC21 - 14 February - Art and Crafts application.doc
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